Our Strategy

Our investment philosophy is to build or acquire properties when supply is significantly lower than demand.  

Additionally, we believe:

We've developed a rigorous process to identify investments

Thriving Markets

We look beyond recent growth trends to identify properties for investment that can achieve sustained future growth in specific geographies.

Creating Value

We add value by improving a property to be best in its class, property improvements, expansions and optimizing property revenue instead of its occupancy.

Managing Properties

To better serve the members of our communities and drive strong investor returns, we manage our own properties. No one cares as much as we do.

Flexible Exit Strategy

Unlike many real estate investments, we do not have to exit on a fixed timeline to deliver strong cash-on-cash returns or investor liquidity.

Diversifying with short and long-term investments

Short-term Investments

We invest in shorter duration projects to serve our investors who wish to achieve quick returns.

Long-term Investments

With our long-term investments, we invest in properties that can generate immediate cash flow and appreciate over a long time horizon.