Capital belongs where it is treated well

We strongly believe in treating our investors and their capital with the utmost respect, transparency, and diligence.

We pride ourselves in treating our investors well:

We have a dedicated McCanse Investment team member to assist our investors.

Many of our investors are full-time professional investors with unique perspectives in public and private markets.

Reliable communication with our Quarterly Sponsor letters regarding the project, its expectations, financial reports, and timely quarterly distributions.

Tax strategies: Advantageous techniques such as cost segregation are used to shelter our investors returns.  Nationally recognized CPA James Smith provides tax strategy for our real estate structures and partnerships.

Opportunity Zone investment resources including nationally recognized tax attorney Brandon Jones of Haynes & Boone (creating opportunity zone entity structures and compliance issues) and Howard CPA (accounting issues and annual reports).

Appfolio investment management system for 24-hour access to reports, legal documents, tax returns, etc. Appfolio provides private access for each investor.

How do I know if this is right for me?

We are fortunate to have professional investors, executives, top of class real estate attorneys and very smart people as our backers. We've worked with many of our investors for decades generating good returns across diverse investment cycles.

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